Friday, December 19, 2008


I walk with my head in dismay of the mishaps that has happened in my time .
Thoroughbreed Chick, might i say.
love the wrong doings, and giggles at rights.
But much has happened in this life
There was never a silver spoon in my mouth,
no lovey dovey bullshit, just take it as it, or else you won't get shit at all
He was laying through the drive-thru of Mcdonald's, laying cold like he didn't want to wake up he definitely wasn't moving and i was petrified sitting in the car looking through the windows with mist of tears in my eyes of what i had seen.
i'll never be the same.
Thank god for my jade bracelet that keeps me sane, when i need a reality check due to the bullshit that goes on while i'm sitting there.
Junctions of the reactions of people when they see you, who do you really look in someone else's eyes? i really have no idea.
i wish someone would tell me, boost my confidence up a ladder
The heart vain in my left hand close to my thumb symbolizes the everlasting infinite of love that i may satisfy you with,
Gladly, hope you like.
i'm scared out my might, very witty, and down right bitchy
But i'm glad of those whose stood by my times of these emotions.
Regards to you and yours. ;]


Inquired thoughts of ransom people.
Justifications of only the wrong,
it's too hard to find, only the compass thats dimly broken can show you the way.
The clock hit's 12, it's time to go,
rushed of the love that awaits you in moments to come.
His lips are brushed aganist your cheek, with a slight breeze flowing in from the west.
brings shivers down your spine, like seeing the gold little ballerina chest.
Ramifactions of his heart is lost in yours,
if only you could find a way ,
just a moment
found it. !
They're back together as if never apart.
Two as in unison of one.
But they both found the right one.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The pain of pressure is unbearable
it's like a hardship that keeps coming back.
Trouble back at it again,
She never thought she would imagine such thoughts
but regret comes to mind.
When she feels the thought
Yurning for her as no other
Laughter behind her back
smiles when nears
but fearless overrall
doubted by Many,
Hoped by Few,
Little did she know they were all in the room.
like little fairies taking over watching as they made their decision.
To let her fall not into peace, but for sake, gratitude & honor.
Respect was shown & given
Bound & Thoughtless.

Short & Sweet

a miracle expresses the joy of happening
the reasoning of cause
lastly but false the living of failure.
occurance happens frequently sharply and decisively,
Thoughts of not knowing requires the risk of elements.
Where has it bee?
thoughtful she is
but has no mind of it.
Telling, it is like it is .
holds her future in her hands.
Will she let go?
or will she fall?
The flower princess
The last looke of her night closes like a flashlight.
crimes of the heart vanish into thin air as if never appeared.
probable cause and learning has been factors,
but have they been used?
her heart's redudant to all
which comes forth
smiles she, but walks .
never the much does she vision of being happy
nor does she see good of what she does.
life stops her in her tracks
but she walks
without a care but neither a wholesome heart
Glad of simplicity
but hard on easy
regular dosen't come normal
nor does she find living the life of a movie start glamorous.
but hides from the things that are too bright
she knows of her abundance
reluctantly her mind dosen't lead her into temptation
regarding her faults.
Temptation settles softly like a motherfucker.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


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Psychadelic ectasy
Ivory flowers
the power of the force resists you to move forward.
The hunger of the pain.
The lasting of the rain.
it won't stop
Can't stop
or can it?
juggling one's mind piece and the ability to find the resorts to schock & purification.
Should it be this way?
Or can she change.
The heart of a gremilin
The thoughts of a penguin
Lost in translation
of Life.
not only does she know it
She persues it, feeds it in, like second hand smoke.
and Distrubition
requires the actions Of she,
She has the gift of most but the Volume She lacks
She needs it
Wants it
Can't have it
Because it's no longer there.


Psychology is concerned with all aspects of the study of behavorial, developmental and cognitive processes and employs a broad spectrum of approaches from the social to the biological to understand them. This study has intrested me for some while now, and i really want to make it my career. People and the environment that surrounds me catches my eye, and it urges me to think and write, which is to why i've made this blog, which is quite interesting though i've never paid any attention to these blogs things, now i believe i'm hooked. Which might be a good thing. expression is the best way to let your feelings and thoughts out, well to me. Well i'm living life, i have plenty to see and many to write so off i'll be, and let you really understand what's going on inside of me. Well out of all of this, there is a Wonderful but Classy world full of hate out there and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. All they know is Violence and who to hate. Well whenver the world starts over, and hopefully there will be another Chance. That would make you happy, then one day you've had happiness. People will no longer look at you and despise you but look at you with Grace and maybe even pride but in a very humble manner. Prolongs of avast happenings leads us not into temptaion but deliver us from evil. i've twisted many human history, with a taste of my own intellect.Sometimes you wonder why the world can be so Harsh, everybody's out to get you, if you fall they'll be right behind you lauging and grinning hastly at you, telling you they've told you so.HOW RUDE. Sacrifice is the only way you'll ever know between what's real and what's not real . A sense of reaction, that's what happened, never knew it was coming until it smacked you in the face, left with a disgraced and unholy taste left in your life. There is left little reason to Dismay that would only lead into corruption, and for allmighty! do we not need that at this moment in life. Your always guilty until proven innocent when man teaches you right from wrong, it's you that makes the decision of actually taking that right or wrong step. which ever leads the great mind into a lead of happieness, evil embarks as sins, but pleasure which would make you happy also leads to the holy as sins, So what real choices do we really have here in life?. I've quoted this slight reading from barned & nobles while sitting on the train going to work. " If there is Something to Desire, there is something to regret. If there is something to Regret there is something to recall. If there is something to recall then there was nothing to regret. IF there was nothing to regret then there was nothing to desire." Well Would you look at that? Hmph. I'm embracing life in the most postive way possible. Shadows, Demons and Obstacles stand in my way and his way of moveing forward in life. The only way i can... Is if i've been through it, have i? not even close. Sometimes i lose myself in a Rose bush full of thorns, Social drugs around me, intoxiactaion, verbalization, reaction, and Dealings with, their the highest limit for me. I force myself to Stop but continiusim is Rapid. The Pain kills me, breaking me down piece by piece. I must admit i live in Sin, i believe what people say about me is blasphmy. I'm a rounded rock, resurfacing is hard. i try to stand tall but i still fall. My fun days are no longer there it's just high and sleep. As a high as cloud but as weak as a baby's toe. Destroyed and improvished there's many around the world suffering and waiting for that good day. My enhanching knowledge will allow me to overcome my sins and uphold the Greatness that i'm will to sustain and take in. Great dealings of the ghetto and lower class dosen't mean we don't have big minds, and big dreams of escaping the shallow waters, and rising to the top. showin love around us and among us will lighten to the mood all around us, sometimes i want to shout to the world how lucky i am to have suchgreat friends, but sometimes i want to hush in all honesty afraid that somebody might take them away from me. That's how good this life can get. ;) i know tell me about it. Grateful of the mind, body and spirit which has let us all know that we live for more than just clothes, and makeup and all, But for the perciervance of all mankind, and for all humanity, we guide one other through the roughest times and broken bridges.Without you Whom do i hold? Who will hold me?turns but no one is there, nobody's here, Faced by myself. If not you , then who?There's deep simplicity in life, simple enough that most wouldn't get it, but hard enough to make people want to get it. Funny isn't it. Well their's things that would make you do such crazy things. Things i've quietly done myself. But now i'm a blogger so i'll doubt those happenings will reoccur again. { i'm being forreal } .When there's not much to do . sit and look over the Verenda , drink tea, teach yourself something new. look at something new. realize that would you've considered to be your only hope may just be two or three things out of millions of life long upholdings between countries, cities and states. There's only one catch, Are you willing to? Guide yourself through a main course of yourself, Divine Belle, that's what i've called myself, i've done a spirtual, emotional, mental, and physical overlook of myself.Confidence can take you so far and people would only look at that as insecurities, but when your not confident and yu have insecurities what would you call that? A mind of misjudgement? or girl she/he just trippin'... lol? only you can make that decision. And only you are willing to turn the fight into a disalarming bomb. That's why in Revoloution Such as now, Year 2008. Barack obama will lead us into Right hopes, life judgement, and Balance in our upheathing life. Not only he but us, when they're is nobody to help us Guide us run us through this marathon to reach to the top then we have nothing it's like we live for nothing. God hasn't put us on Earth for no purpose, or did he?I don't read to much into the bible, to me it's quite too much going on for me, noth that i'm not willing to advance myself with that knowledge but sometime's to me it's too much to believe. How has he known to put us here and not on The fartherst start away from the sun. Was he that intelligent?, no i don't doubt but it's all quite weird too me. I don't want to dig too much into that topic, i'll probably say some things that Christians nor catholics would like, and i'm not a hate person. Only of divine hope will Divine belle only let herself fall, no no, not here, not now, should never say never. only the man upStairs knows the well- beings of all, and the distracted falls of many. Brillance and fatigue that's how i'm feeling not one but both. emancipation of me. These are all the words that describe me:
incapable of...
that's all of Divine Belle.

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